India LD Partner Meeting January 2011

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This page contains information related to the LiveDiverse partner meeting in India, January 2011

Documents from the Meeting

Final meeting minutes: LD India consortium meeting minutes final

Day 1

Budget Overview: 18 month overview

Person-month Overview: 18 month reported months

Publication list: WP9 Dissemination

Communication Plan: Commmunication plan resized

Scenario task presentation: WP8 TASKS for scenario

Scenario presentation: Scenarios-India resized

Day 2

WP2 presentation: LiveDiverse WP2 resized

WP2 total person month: Table

Metadata India: Metadata_India

Metadata Costa Rica: METADATA_CostaRica

Metadata South Africa: Metadata_SouthAfrica

Metadata Vietnam: METADATA_Vietnam

WP3 Overview: LiveDiverseWP3 resized

WP3 India: Stakeholder Interaction in Warana Basin

WP3 Costa Rica: Stakeholder itneraction Costa Rica resized

WP3 South Africa: stakeholder interaction S Africa resized

WP3 Vietnam: Stakeholder Interaction in Vietnam

WP4 Presentation: WP4 update

WP5 Presentation: WP5 Update

Case Study Committee Meeting

Meeting overview: case study committee meeting-programme

Introduction:LD introduction Geoffrey resized

Costa Rica: Grande de Terraba river basin resized

South Africa:LiveDiverse SA Case study report resized

Vietnam: Vietnam

India: India resized

Day 3

WP6 presentation: LD presentaton WP6 Jan 2011

WP7 presentation: wp7review resized

Day 4

WP9 presentation: LiveDiverseWP9 resized

Meeting Schedule: January LD meeting 2011-01-02

16th January: All participants should arrive to  Pune by 10:30.  The train to Kolhapur departs at 12:45

17th-21st January: LiveDiverse partner meeting

21st January: Travel back to Pune (planned arrival time to Pune: 6PM)

22nd January: Participants departure

Logistic Information

– All participants should inform Suchita their travel schedules to and from Pune


  • During the meeting, we will stay one night in Amba, Pawankhind Resort, nearby to a sacred grove.

Meeting Documents

– All WP leaders should  send relevant documents to Yumiko for uploading to this web site

13th Biennial Conference of the  International Association of Study of Commons (IASC). 10-14 January 2011,  Hyderabad

A number of LiveDiverse partners will be represented during the IASC conference, through paper presentations and the LiveDiverse panel.   There will also be a LiveDiverse project booth.

– LiveDiverse panel: contact Joy for detail

– LiveDiverse booth: If anyone has publications/reports/materials/ handy crafts to display, contact Yumiko or Suchita

– Logistic arrangement: Please refer to the conference web site http://iasc2011.fes.org.in/ or contact Suchita for any assistance