Progress and Financial Report: 18th month reporting to EU


This page contains instructions for 18th month reporting to EU, and reports from each partner.

18th month reporting guidance note (including template for progress report):18th month report to EC

18th month Finance and HR reporting format (excel): Budget and HR reporting template for 18 month

Overview (presentation) on 18th month reporting and instruction for accessing FORCE: 18 month reporting

Instruction for FORCE: Short Form C web explanation to LD partners

Final report to EU: LiveDiverse 18th month progress report Sept 2010

LiveDiverse Executive Summary: LD Executive Summary

SESAM report: LD 18th month SESAM report

Final FORM C: signed form c

Assessment report from the European Commission: Assessment Report Livediverse

Partner Nam (Short) Progress Report Financial Report
Linköping University (LiU) WP1 18 month report final

WP9 18 month report final

1 liu Budget and HR reporting template for 18 month
EC Joint Research Centre, Ispra (EC-JRC) WP2 18th month report to EC_JRC final 8 jsr Budget and HR reporting template for 18 month (2)
University of Dundee (UNIVDUN) WP3 UNIVDUN-progress-report 7 univdund WP3 Budget and HRreporting template for 18 montharc
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) WP4 progress report final
4 csir WP4 and CSIR Budget and HRreporting template for 18 month v2
National Institute of Agricultural Planning and Projection (NIAPP) WP5 18-MONTH PROGRESS REPORT (FINAL) 2 niapp WP5 Budget and HRReporting for 18-month Period (2)
Vereniging voor christelijk hoger onderwijs wetenschappelijk onderzoek en patientenzorg (VU)
WP6 progress report final

6 ivm Budget and expenditure template for 18 month (EU)
Society for Promoting Participative Ecosystem Management (SOPPECOM)
3 soppecom budget & hr report 18 month
La Fundación para el Desarrollo Académico de la Universidad Nacional (FUNDAUNA) FUNDAUNA progress report 5 fundauna C00002-00 Informe I 01 Feb 09 al 31 Jul 10