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This page is designed to share draft reports, unpublished documents, notes related to LiveDiverse work in Costa Rica

List of documents and versions: Costa Rica List of Documents on Intranet


An outline of the biophysical characteristics of the Grande de
Térraba River Basin (Input for task 2.2 Assessment of existing ecological knowledge) : Biophysical chapter

Sections of river basin: Workshops-November

Stakeholders (Input for Task 3.1 Stakeholder mapping): Stakeholders-Costa Rica

The Socio-economic dimention in the Terraba river basin: TERRABA-SOCIOECONOMIC

Cultural and Spiritural Vulnerability in the Grande de Terraba River Basin: Doc-CULTURAL_traducida_FINAL

Biodiversity and Livelihoods in the Grande de Terraba River Basin: Biophysical, socio-economic and cultural dimensions: TERRABA-FINAL

EVI document Costa Rica May 2010: EVI-COSTA RICA