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This page is designed to share draft reports, unpublished documents, notes related to LiveDiverse work in India

List of Documents and Versions: India List of Documents on Intranet


Note from SOPPECOM field visit in July 2009: Final-Visit Notes – Warna 27 to 29 July 2009

Proceedings from first case study committee meeting (September 2009): Proceedings of CSC meeting_16sep09_India

First draft of Stakeholder mapping: sa 3.1-soppecom

Selection of study sites for Warna Basin case study area (Powerpoint): training workshop – site selections for the study-161009_suhas

Draft Basin Report:  Warana River Basin, India: Warana_basin_draft report_09-02-10

Brief report from Household survey India: Brief description-primary data collection-soppecom-070610

Warana Basin Report (July 2010) part 1: warana basin report final-1

Warana Basin Report (July 2010) Part 2: warana basin report final-2

Report on Saline Lands in the Lower part of Warana Basin: report on saline lands_Warana Basin_INDIA

Thematic studies by the Ph. D. students at Kolhapur University

  • Krane Amruta and Samant Jay.  The Environmental and Social Impact of Deforestation in the Western Ghats: with Emphasis on the Warna River Basin. Deforestation Paper
  • Mohite Sarika and Samant Jay. Fish and Fisheries in Warna River Basin.Fisheries Paper
  • Lad Rohan and Samant Jay. Environmental and Social Impacts of Mining in the Western Ghats: A Case Study of Warna Basin. Mining Paper
  • Gargate Anup and Samant Jay.  Environmental Impact of Tourism in Warna Basin. Tourism Paper 1
  • Gargate Anup and Samant Jay. People’s Perception of Tourism Activities in Warna River Basin. Tourism Paper

Case study committe meeting minutes 18 January 2011: CSC meeting_18jan11_kolhapur

LiveDiverse panel during 13th Biennieal Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons : LD_panel discussion_Commons_Hyderabad_10-14Jan11

Draft Reports by Wildlife Research and Conservation Society, Pune.

SOPPECOM. (2011). Scenario and Stakeholder Workshop Report -India- (For project internal use). LiveDiverse M3.3 and M8.2 report. India M33 and M82 report internal