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This page is designed to share draft reports, unpublished documents, notes related to LiveDiverse work in Sourh Africa

List of Documents: South-Africa-List-of-Documents-on-Intranet


Stakeholder Table: Stakeholder table KN

Country Life and life of legend: Country_Life_Land_of_Legends_Route

Map 9: Limpopo Index of of Multiple Deprivation 2001 at Ward Level Provincial Deciles: LPNoRoads Deprivation index

Vhembe infrastructure map: Vhembe_A4_LS2

Map of case study area: (Please click icon below to enlarge)

google earth map

EVI document (May 2010): Notes on EVI indicators for Mutale River Basin

South Africa case study area report (July 2010): South African Case Study Area Context Report Final 5 Julx

Documents used for feedback visit to Chief, March 2011

– Mbahela: Chiefs Feedback document Mbahela_2n

– Mushithe : Chiefs Feedback document Mushithe_n

– Thondoni & Beleni: Chiefs Feedback document Thondoni & Beleni_n

– Tshiavha: Chiefs Feedback document Tshiavha_n