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This page is designed to share draft reports, unpublished documents, notes related to LiveDiverse work in Costa Rica

List of Documents and Versions: Vietnam List of Documents on Intranet

Overall documents

Mukhtarov, Farhad. (2011). Conservation Policy in Northern Vietnam: Agency Perspective (Draft). Agency Perspective_April29

Seminar “Biodiversity and Related Issues in the Complex of Ba Be – Na Hang” Ha Noi 9th September 2010, NIAPP

Stakeholder map for Ba Be and Na Hang (Input for Task 3.1 Stakeholder mapping : STAKEHOLDER TABLE, NA HANG AND BA BE

Selection of communes in Ba Be and Na Hang: SELECTION OF COMMUNES IN NA HANG AND BA BE

Household survey questionnaire: Household Questionnaire (Na Hang – Ba Be)

Draft field trip note (by NIAPP): FIELDTRIP NOTE (Draft, WP5)

List of interviewees during field trip Nov 2009: List of Meetings and Viet Namese Participants, Fieldtrip, Viet Nam

Religions in Vietnam: RELIGION IN VIET NAM

Vietnam national report on protected areas: NATIONAL REPORT

Ba Be- Na Hang study area location map: map 1

Documents from Ba Be

Minutes of meeting with Ba Be stakeholder (July 2009): MINUTE OF MEETING, BA BE (23 JULY)

Collection and calculations related to environmental vulnerability, Ba Be National Park (Input for Task 5.3 Identify the contributing factors to the EVI in the 4 case areas and propose method for more detailed spacial analysis): INDICATORS FOR BA BE

Method of investigation and calculation of 50 indicators; Assessing the environmental vulnerability in the Ba Be National Park – Bac Kan Province: Table 1. 50 INDICATORS OF BA BE

Calculation results for 50 indicators assessing the environmental vulnerability: Indicator calculation BA BE

Data of communes in Ba Be: Data of Communes in Ba Be

Ba Be Ethnic Minority Groups: Ba Be Ethnic Minority Groups

Ba Be Field note by Joy (SOPPECOM): ba be field notes – joy

Ba Be National Park Operational plan: BA BE OPERATIONAL PLAN 2001 – 2005

Ba Be area map: map 2

Documents from Na Hang

Minutes of meeting with Na Hang stakeholder (July 2009): Na Hang Minute of Meeting

Indicators for Na Hang: INDICATORS FOR NA HANG

Data of Communes in Na Hang: Data of Communes in NA HANG

Operational plan for Na Hang nature reserve: NA HANG OPERATIONAL PLAN

Na Hang study area map: map 3

Useful links

NIAPP Live Diverse Public Drive: http://cid-5d3b3f342370f36e.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/.Public

IUCN web site including various reports from PARC project: http://www.iucn.org/about/union/secretariat/offices/asia/asia_where_work/vietnam/ourwork/protected/protected_resources/