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About the institution:
Since its foundation in the 1960´s, Linköping’s University has established itself as an innovative and modern centre for both education and research. The university has developed several unique educational programs that transcend traditional academic borders. Interdisciplinarity is a keyword for research at the university, especially within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The university has today more than 26 500 undergraduate students and 3500 staff, and offers postgraduate studies and research in more than 100 scientific areas within 22 multidisciplinary departments. These departments, which combine the expertise of several academic disciplines, were pioneers in the Swedish academic world when they were established, at a time when single-subject departments dominated. Around 600 foreign students visit the university every year and over 100 guest researchers per year take advantage of the stimulating research environment in Linköping. An increasing number of courses are offered in English throughout all faculties. The Department of Management and Engineering has 400 employees, including PhD students. The Institute consists of 18 departments, including, economics, law, and political science. LiU has participated extensively in all earlier EU research frameworks, and has coordinated a large number of projects. The departments participating in LiveDiverse are the Department of Management and Engineering and the Department of Water and Environmental Studies.

Role in LiveDiverse:
Overall management and scientific coordination. WP leader for WP1 Management and WP9 Institutions, value-based strategies, and policy instruments. Linköpings also provide expertise in policy analysis, integrated methodologies, participatory methods.

Key researchers:
Professor Geoffrey D. Gooch is a specialist in environmental policy analysis and political environmental communication. He also holds the Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration at LiU. He has studied regional development (economic and political) and the communication of scientific knowledge and his research has focused on the ways that political and administrative cultures influence forms of organisation, the ways in which institutions and organisations interact, and how cognitive aspects, beliefs, norms and values influence the formulation and implementation of policies. Prof. Gooch was responsible for water policy analysis in the EU financed Mantra-East project and coordinated the EU River Dialogue project which developed methods for informed citizen participation in environmental management. Professor Gooch has published widely in the field of water and environmental policy, and has many years experience as a research project leader; he has played a leading role in many EU projects since the beginning of the 1990’s. From 1991-1996 he conducted research at the Department of Water and Environmental Studies.

Key publications:
Mourad DSJ, Van der Perk M, Gooch GD, et al. (2005) GIS-based quantification of future nutrient loads into Lake Pelpsi/Chudskoe using qualitative regional development scenarios. WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 51 (3-4): 355-363.

Gooch, G.D. and P. Stålnacke (Eds.) (2006): ‘Integrated Transboundary Water Management in Theory and Practice: Experiences from the New EU Eastern borders’ London: IWA Publishing.

Gooch, G.D. (2006): ‘From Dialogue to Trialogue: Sustainable Ecosystem Governance and Civil Society’ in Turton, A.R., Roux, D., Claassen, M. & Hattingh, J. (Eds.) Governance as a Trialogue: Government-Society-Science in Transition. Berlin: Springer-Verlag.