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About the institution:
NIAPP is an independent research institute connected with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). NIAPP has over 40 years of working experiences in research activities through a wide range of collaboration and cooperation projects with domestic and foreign institutions, universities and scientists. NIAPP has produced numerous research works in conjunction with surveys, investigations, planning and design for agricultural and rural development and diversified projects, all contributing to building and developing agricultural and rural development. Presently, the total staff of NIAPP is 700, of which 70% and 15% have obtained university degrees and higher degrees and scientific tiles (Professor, Associate Professor, PH.D. and MS), respectively. Their specialties cover a wide range of areas, such as remote sensing, mapping geodesy, plantation, animal husbandry, economy, land use planning, environmental science, climatology, irrigation, transport, rural infrastructure building, information, agricultural planning and formulation of rural development projects.

The main tasks of NIAPP are to a) investigate and assess agriculture-related resources (water and land resources, climate, etc.) in order to set up land use options at various levels ranging from provincial, district to commune levels; b) Formulate strategic plans for agricultural development, plan and design and for formulate projects for rural investment; c) formulate sector projects (such as sector review on agriculture, strategy on sector commodity, crop, livestock); d) plan target commodity production areas and formulate projects on settlement, fixed cultivation and development of new economic zones; e) apply the Geographical Information System (GIS) to establish thematic agricultural maps; f) study policies pertaining to agriculture; g) organize international and domestic seminars and workshops on agriculture and rural aspects.

Role in LiveDiverse:
NIAPP will act as local organiser in Vietnam as well as lead the work in WP5 on ecological vulnerability. NIAPP will provide expertise on rural development and agriculture, and will be a lead contributor in the creation of the GIS based vulnerability maps that form an important part of LiveDiverse.

Key researchers:
Nguyen Van Toan, NIAPP-Vice Director, Ph.D in Soil Science, Team Leader

Vu Cong Lan, MBA, administration

Nguyen Thanh Xuan, Ph.D in Geography, GIS expert and responsible for GIS mapping

Hoang Xuan Phuong, Ph.D in Agriculture

Le Hung Tuan, Bachelor in Agriculture

Nguyen Ha Hue, MBA

Key publications:
Achievement of soil classification, soils map and land evaluation serving for land use and agricultural planning over 45 years. By Asso.Prof. Dr. Vu Nang Dung and Dr. Nguyen Van Toan.

Mountainous soils in Vietnam – Existing situation and potential for development of perennial crops. By Dr.Nguyen Van Toan

Application of GIS for assessment of land suitability. By M.Sc. Tran Thi Thu Dung. Application of remote sensing and GIS in the Project Vietnam Crops Information System (VCIS). By Dr. Nguyen Thanh Xuan and Eng. Bui Van Hung.