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LiveDiverse Conceptual Note WP6.  Socil-economic Vulnerability: Conservation-Development Trade-Offs and Agency in Multi-Level Governance Process: LiveDiverse_Conceptual_Note_FINAL


IVM Master’s Student Presentations
Costa Rica
  • Áine Ní Riain.Direct payments to conserve nature and improve livelihoods in the Río Térraba basin, Costa Rica: Aine Ni Riain
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  • Paulina Gonzalez. Corporate Social Responsibility: From the bitter taste of criticism to the sweet taste of pineapple: Paulina Victoria Gonzales Pichardo
  • Monica Uribe.  Terraba Sierepe Wetland’s Management Plan: Struggling for policy change. <!–[endif]–><!–[if !ppt]–><!–[endif]–>Monica Uribe
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  • Elisa Trepp. The Impacts of Chandoli National Park on Local Communities in the Warana Basin: Elisa trepp
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  • Remco Kouwenhoven. Of Tigers, Humans and Politics. A multilevel governance analysis of Chandoli  National Park.Remco Kouwenhoven
South Africa
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  • Jelena Perunicic. Feasible alternative likelihood strategies for reducing socio-economic vulnerability of households in the Venda Region: Jelena Perunicic
  • Johanna Medvey. Benefits or Burden? Community participation in natural resource management in the Greater Kruger Park Area: Johanna Medvey
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  • Lisette van Marrewijk. Reducing Socio-Economic Vulnerability in the Mutale Basin, South Africa,  by investing in Livestock and Agricultural Land: Lisette van Marrewijk